By now, you've probably heard that Fressen Bakery and Cafe is in transition. We are moved out of the cafe space entirely, and it awaits renovations and occupancy by it's next company, Henry Higgins Bagels. They have a very fine product, so hopefully they will find the success and support that we did. Thank you again for helping our first round of "brick-and-mortar" business be so fantastic. If Henry Higgins sees the same faces we had, they're in for a great bunch of customers. You all truly are wonderful people. It makes us really proud to be Portlanders. So what's in store with our store? Well, we intend to open again as soon as possible, and it looks like we're heading to the Montavilla ...

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Grace Hartzell is a newlywed. She is a fan of Billy Joel. She's fun, talented, and loves socks. She's worked at Fressen for over 2 years, and unwittingly made the owner's wedding cake. (It was perfect). Here's a dash more about the artisan behind all those delicious croissants, brioche, danishes, monkey bread, and... well... what's your favorite?

Grace, what is your favorite dessert?

My favorite dessert is German Chocolate Cake. I'm not sure exactly why, it just always has been. I remember my Grandma making it a lot when I was little, for birthdays. She never made it with chocolate icing, though--just the chocolate cake with pecan-coconut frosting.

Why do you like baking?

I like to bake...

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Hello! After a tasting at Culmination Brewery HQ, Edgar decided on the Euphoric IPA for the beer bread (bierbrot). He chose it because of the name. Kidding! He simply said the flavors spoke to him, and something special stood out about this particular IPA. As the summer winds down, we're happy to have this delicious beer on hand and utilize a new neighborhood brewer. Also, it's essentially plum season (Yes, the farmer's market vendor informed us that plums are ready to pick, like, now!), and every year we pick a huge bounty for one of the best traditional pastries we offer, the pflaumenkuchen. It is a lovely blend of shortbread crust, plums, and crumble topping. Sweet and wonderfully ...

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Greetings, friends and fans! Welcome to the Fressen blog, Delilah here. Summer-time is swingin', and hopefully you have some wonderful activities and vacations planned. We are pleased to say that we are pumping out breads, pretzels, and buns to several fantastic establishments around town, which keeps our bakery humming. As I start looking for cool subjects and ideas for this fresh new blog, I want to thank you for your support. My hope is to do employee features, product features, and some cool how-to's and tips for baking. I will finish off this first entry by saying that I am so excited to link up with Culmination Brewery to use their beer in our beer bread. Culmination is new to o...

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