Ch, Ch, Changes...


By now, you've probably heard that Fressen Bakery and Cafe is in transition. We are moved out of the cafe space entirely, and it awaits renovations and occupancy by it's next company, Henry Higgins Bagels. They have a very fine product, so hopefully they will find the success and support that we did. Thank you again for helping our first round of "brick-and-mortar" business be so fantastic. If Henry Higgins sees the same faces we had, they're in for a great bunch of customers. You all truly are wonderful people. It makes us really proud to be Portlanders. So what's in store with our store? Well, we intend to open again as soon as possible, and it looks like we're heading to the Montavilla neighborhood. Our plans are coming along nicely, but won't be concrete until the end of February. Once we have things finalized, we will let you all know via this blog and Facebook. For the record, we are STILL BAKING AT 523 NE 19th Ave, so if you're a wholesale account, or looking to get a large order of baked goods, you will pick up at the side door of the building, where our baking department is located. Once our new home is ready, we will move the baking department as well. Back to orders, if you want to place one, the bakery number is 503-953-2817. And keep in mind we are still maintaining our booth at farmer's markets. You can find those market's info on this website. Until we meet again!!! Thank you from all of us, especially our customer-service staff. We hope to see you at the next location!