Euphoric IPA is the "beer" in Bier Bread

Hello! After a tasting at Culmination Brewery HQ, Edgar decided on the Euphoric IPA for the beer bread (bierbrot). He chose it because of the name. Kidding! He simply said the flavors spoke to him, and something special stood out about this particular IPA. As the summer winds down, we're happy to have this delicious beer on hand and utilize a new neighborhood brewer. Also, it's essentially plum season (Yes, the farmer's market vendor informed us that plums are ready to pick, like, now!), and every year we pick a huge bounty for one of the best traditional pastries we offer, the pflaumenkuchen. It is a lovely blend of shortbread crust, plums, and crumble topping. Sweet and wonderfully tart. Thank you for being a part of our Summer, all your patronage and friendship is greatly appreciated. We have pumpkin spice lattes, by the way!