Fressen loves Summer

Greetings, friends and fans! Welcome to the Fressen blog, Delilah here. Summer-time is swingin', and hopefully you have some wonderful activities and vacations planned. We are pleased to say that we are pumping out breads, pretzels, and buns to several fantastic establishments around town, which keeps our bakery humming. As I start looking for cool subjects and ideas for this fresh new blog, I want to thank you for your support. My hope is to do employee features, product features, and some cool how-to's and tips for baking. I will finish off this first entry by saying that I am so excited to link up with Culmination Brewery to use their beer in our beer bread. Culmination is new to our hood; they have great beers and the owners are as good as they come. I'll let you know when Edgar makes a decision on which brew to use, and why he chose it. One more fun note--our delicious fruit danishes will be topped with fresh peaches over the next couple weeks. Hello Summer!